PMFHousing offers an innovative modular building system, which significantly reduces complexity and costs of the building shell and provides increased flexibilityfor the client, whilst substantially reducing construction time.

The PMF-System is based on standardized wall and roof modules with integrated insulation. These modules are combined to form a robustand highly insulating building envelope.

The PMF-System allows architects to design a widerange of buildings that vary greatly in size, shape and functionality: From individual holiday homes or single-family homes to kindergartens and schools.

L-House flat roof back
Kindergarden back 2
Monopitch roof 2_1

Research & Development

A new design:
A modular construction system to build safe, stable and durable houses with an excellent ecological footprint We offer access to our know-how, our experimental workshop and components for joint projects



Consulting, in-house training, planning of houses and organization of projects.


We cooperate with Architects and artisans close to the construction sites to support local jobs and training

Our technology allows significant savings by "do it yourself"