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Proven construction technology rethought, developed by us and produced.

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Inexpensive, high-quality prefabricated house in modular construction. Customizable through different cladding, building materials, roof shapes and sizes.

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Combines the comfort and thermal insulation of a high-quality wooden house with the flexibility of containers. Therefore, they have a very good ecological balance.

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This is us

PMFHousing has developed a modular system that significantly reduces the complexity and cost of shell construction, increases flexibility for the builder and significantly reduces construction time.

At the core of the PMF system are standardized wall and roof modules with integrated thermal insulation, which are joined together to form a robust and highly insulating building envelope.

With the PMF system, architects can design a wide range of building types that vary greatly in size and functionality: from individual vacation homes or single-family houses to kindergartens.


PMFHousing GmbH | Aufbau eines Hauses

Building a house near Stade

The construction takes place together with the
The house has two floors and a living and usable area of >130m².
The construction and completion of the shell required a few days.

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