Two-family house 1

We offer two product lines based on the same technology:

Both have in common

  • Combination of wooden frame and sandwich construction, modular construction, few different parts
  • Good insulation, high strength, low transport volume, long service life and affordable price
  • High percentage of local sourcing and manufacturing, high architectural flexibility



  • Inexpensive, yet high-quality, prefabricated house in modular design
  • Very flexibly adaptable to climatic, cultural and special needs and easy to convert if necessary
  • Can be individually designed using various claddings, building materials, roof shapes and sizes
  • Also suitable for extremes (termite pollution, earthquakes, permafrost, unprepared building ground ...)


PMFShelter (we are working on a separate website)

  • Greatly improved replacement for "winter tents":
    Enables a decent life even at low temperatures and in bad weather
  • Easy to transport and quick and easy to set up, without the need of large or complex tools
  • Fully-fledged floor, good insulation, lockable, weatherproof, earthquake-proof and easy to heat
  • Modular structure, length and width variable
  • Can also be used as a shelter for the homeless (option: several separate residential units per building)
  • Target price comparable to high quality tents
  • A high proportion of local sourcing and manufacturing possible; can be even manufactured on site.