The challenge

  • In many places around the world there is a lack of affordable, high-quality living space
  • Many affordable houses lack stability, insulation, weather resistance and pest resistance
  • In addition to houses, local jobs and the necessary flexible buildings are often missing


  • Combination of wooden frame and sandwich construction
  • Floor, wall and roof modules screwed with wood screws and steel brackets
  • Floor with wooden frame, insulated with rigid foam. Storm protected by ground anchors.
  • Alternatively, all common foundation techniques can be used.
  • The outer surface is weatherproof coated, cladded with metal, plastic or wood or plastered
  • Interior surface painted, plastered or covered with wood / OSB / plasterboard
  • Prefabrication of the modules in (local) workshop, assembly and foaming on site
  • Installations housed in the floor and under the interior cladding


PMFHouse Varianten 3D Skizzen


  • Stormproof to more than wind class 4 (Germany), snow load class 2 (1500m)  (further reinforcement available)
  • Very high earthquake security
  • Insulation complies with regulations for new buildings in Germany, fire class B2 (higher if necessary)
  • Walls vertical, room height min. 2.50m, waterproof and completely sealed, windows and lockable doors
  • Building sizes from approx. 9m2 to more than 400m2
  • Lifespan at least 20 years, with good care (mainly coating) well over 50 years
  • Good ecological balance: Low heating or cooling requirements, low material requirements, materials almost 100% recyclable, recyclates can be used.
  • Easy to install kitchens, bathrooms, electrics etc.
  • Modular, flexible design: Few different parts for a wide variety and individuality of buildings
  • In the case of construction with an upper floor: indoor or outdoor stairs possible
  • Easily adapt to different climatic and cultural needs
  • Built according to German building regulations, construction method approved by German authorities (currently in process)
  • Also suitable for uneven and soft ground (incl. permafrost sites)
  • Walls can be cladded as desired on the outside and  inside



  • Prefabrication of the modules in the workshop (ideally a local partner), module production possibly also on site
  • Delivery of materials and tools: Small / medium truck with trailer
  • Construction by local partner;  time required: approx. 1 week with 4 people; Support from PMFHousing


  • Weight approx. 250kg / m2; individual parts max. ca. 200kg
  • Transport with a 7.5 ton truck (ideally with a crane)
  • Wall thickness approx. 15 cm (without cladding)
  • Grid sizes: 94cm, 110cm, 137cm
  • Non-load-bearing interior walls can be inserted almost anywhere





Delivery options

  • "Prefabricated house for individual finishing": Parts prefabricated in the workshop are assembled and foamed by local construction companies
  • "Kit for local assembly": sawn, pre-drilled wooden parts, foam and tools (assembly and filling supported by PMFHousing)
  • "Kit for local production": construction plan, partial list, only those parts supplied by PMFHousing that are not available or cannot be produced locally (production, assembly and filling supported by PMFHousing)