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Whether for vacations, for singles, couples, families, generations, multi-families or city quarters, whether daycare center, school, refectory, sportsmen’s home or office – all PMF houses offer proven building techniques “rethought” and further developed with institutes of RWTH Aachen, BASF and Pile Fabrics GmbH.

From “small to large” – from “functional to luxurious”, you can design your PMFHaus according to your ideas, both inside and out.

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Innovative technology

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Modular construction

Designed and manufactured in NRW, Germany, PMFHaus offers high quality at fair prices.

The conceptual advantages of prefabricated components in house construction have been used for many decades.

Further developed with institutes of the RWTH Aachen and industrial partners, we construct building envelopes with modular elements that meet the current requirements of the Building Energy Act GEG20 to EH40 sustainability.

You will enjoy your PMFHouse with low energy consumption, which we will equip individually according to your wishes, inside and outside – functional to luxurious.

Of course, any technical building equipment (TGA) and smart home solution you require can be installed, as can PV systems on roofs or facades.

Thanks to many years of research and development work, PMF technology requires less material and energy in the production of a building, which means that we can build buildings at conditions that are often no longer possible with other construction technologies.

This allows many private builders to realize their dream project.

Investors, project developers and private landlords can realize returns with moderate rents compared to the market and benefit from the fact that buildings with our technology allow more net space compared to other construction techniques….

Municipal building managers and treasurers appreciate not only high quality, fair prices, the service life of our buildings over generations and the low energy consumption in the utilization phase, but also the easy-to-implement changes in the event of a necessary conversion of our buildings.

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