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“Building sustainably for our children and grandchildren”.

We as PMFHousing are a multicultural team. There are Rhinelanders, Sauerlanders and Badeners, employees from Syria, Morocco and Turkey with an age structure ranging from mid-20s to mid-60s.

In our regular meetings, everyone contributes ideas on an equal footing – no matter what position or function someone holds – on how to approach upcoming tasks so that together we can achieve the best possible result for our customers.

In this way, you as a prospective customer and client, as well as we as a company, benefit from the wide range of diverse cultural and professional experiences – we are proud of this!

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Timber frame buildings have been used for centuries for generations. We have further developed this proven construction technology in cooperation with industrial partners and institutes of the RWTH Aachen University in several years of research. This means that the PMF technology in our product lines is identical in terms of design and mode of operation.

Bringing products in the building sector more and more into a circular economy – “cradle to cradle” – is a question of economic reason and ecological responsibility towards our children and grandchildren.

We take this responsibility seriously and have developed the PMF technology into a material and resource-saving construction technology in the sense of “cradle to gate” and explicitly include the topics of transport and assembly for us. The less “gray energy” generated by a building right from the start, the better.

Energy efficiency also applies to phase of use of a building. The use of PMF technology contributes to low energy consumption in use and enables maintenance and any necessary replacement of technical building equipment (TBE) at low cost.

When a building comes to the end of its planned use, PMF technology offers advantages in deconstruction, as we can easily separate the materials used in the building envelope and put them to further use. This also applies to our interior and exterior superstructures, which are generally easy to dismantle and separate.

Furthermore, we provide our customers with a take-back declaration for our modules,
as their basic and raw materials can be used by us to construct new buildings. This facilitates potential disposal issues for our customers and is an essential step towards a real circular economy.

PMFHousing GmbH | Wohnbeispiel


Inexpensive, high-quality prefabricated house in modular construction. Customizable through different cladding, building materials, roof shapes and sizes.

PMFHousing GmbH | Darstellung Cube


Combines the comfort and thermal insulation of a high-quality wooden house with the flexibility of containers. Therefore, they have a very good ecological balance.