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Our goal is to shift as much of the added value as possible to the target region. Only a few critical components (e.g. textiles, foam) and the construction of the houses come from PMFHousing.

  • The production of the PMF houses does not require large and complex manufacturing facilities.
  • Small, local workshops can produce most wooden, metal and textile parts with just a few tools (e.g. circular saw, drill).
  • The parts are light and therefore easy to transport to the construction site. Heavy vehicles are not required.
  • Assembly only requires hand tools and some tools such as tables, trestles and ladders.
  • PMFHousing supports the local partners with training, equipment and procurement.


What we are looking for:

  • Partners who are able to manufacture components according to our specifications and quality standards, to distribute, build and maintain the houses.
  • Partners who share and accept our values in terms of quality, safety, environmental protection and human rights.
  • The legal structure (PMFH subsidiary with employees, joint company, cooperation agreement ...) can be adapted to the respective situation.
  • Of course, we also need space for a workshop, road connections, access to electricity, water and fuels.
  • We or our partners need employees who either have a minimum level of training in timber construction and / or assembly or are willing to undergo training. A certain basic education (reading, writing, arithmetic, ...) is a prerequisite for this.
  • Light / or medium trucks with drivers



What we offer:

  • Design and planning of standardized or individual buildings, drawings, parts lists, calculations, building instructions and documentation
  • Purchasing and supply of material:
    • Wood (optional)
    • Metal / metal parts (optional)
    • Textile elements (critical to quality, therefore via PMF housing)
    • Foam components (critical to quality, therefore via PMF housing)
    • Metal parts, like screws, brackets, fittings etc. (optional)
    • Workshop equipment, tools etc. (optional)
    • Further equipment of the houses (optional)
  • Training / education, instruction
  • Cooperation with suitable industries and organizations
    • Investment and financing (in planning)
    • Complementary products: e.g .: energy, education ...
    • Aid organizations, governments, NGOs
  • Regional exclusivity (reciprocal and performance-based)


Our basic rules:

  • We are committed to fair trade, fair working conditions and fair pay.
  • We support our local partners with equipment, training and help.
  • We are committed to environmental protection, sustainability and social responsibility.
  • In return, we expect our partners to treat employees, customers and suppliers fairly,
    and commit to responsibility for the environment and the society.