This is us

  • We are a start-up developing a modular system for the construction of inexpensive yet high-quality buildings.
  • Our flexible, variable architecture, can be adapted for different sizes, shapes and uses, accommodating local climate, culture, tradition and individual taste.
  • Our mission is not to export "Houses made in Germany", but to create local jobs by sourcing ans manufacturing locally.
PMFHousing Team

Our history

2022 / Future

Raimund joins the team and leads marketing and sales

Identifying suitable locations / markets for larger pilot projects

German type approval of construction technology (mid-2022)


Design of several buildings (residential, kindergarden, holiday homes...)

Cooperation with Ohemaa Greenhousing

Design of buildings for different climate zones (e.g. India, Africa)

Preparation for a residential building in Northern Germany

Shelter prototype sold and relocated as a holiday home


Niels - an experienced carpenter - joins the team

Patent application for latest wall and floor technology

Construction of a 6m x 6m prototype in Aachen

First "Shelter" set up in Aachen (May)


Third prototype based on the new design (achieving our goals for stability, durability and ease of assembly) at our site in Aachen.

Third employee joined the team (Juan)


Construction of second prototype (working with a thinner wall structure - now the base for our "Shelter")

New employee joins the team (Noemie)


Technical development: foam technology and textile covers, reduction of weight and volume, simplification of the structure

First employee joins the team (Simon, engineer RWTH Aachen)

Construction of first prototype (on the Haniel premises in Duisburg)

Move to production site in Aachen-Brand (Rombachstrasse 40, 52078 Aachen, Germany)

Capital increase, change of corporate structure from UG to GmbH


Social start-up scholarship at the "Social Impact Lab", Duisburg (now: "Anthropia Duisburg")

Cooperations: BASF (foam), Protektor (steel construction), Lohmann (adhesive systems), Pile Fabrics (fabric), FluidSystems (foam technology)

Start of close cooperation with RWTH Aachen (Institute for Plastics Processing (IKV); Institut für Textiltechnik (ITA) and Institute of steel construction (STB))

"Quantum Leap Award" in the "Society" category


Registration of a patent for modular buildings based on textile covers foamed with PUR foam

Foundation as UG (limited liability), founder: Andreas Mohr, engineer, long-time manager and consultant