The PMF houses are stable, weatherproof, earthquake-proof, well insulated, flexible and can be combined with many roof shapes, claddings and coatings. Good insulation is a great advantage in almost any climate. Therefore, the possible uses are very diverse, for example:


Inexpensive, flexible living

PMF houses offer a lot of quality of life for an affordable price. Families can easily start with a small house and simply expand it if necessary A wide variety of forms of living and the combination of living and business are also easily possible. The houses can easily be equipped with bathrooms and kitchens and have good operating costs due to the good insulation and easy maintenance


Emergency and disaster relief

Our original objective: easy transport, simple, light parts, quick erection, high stability, high flexibility, low demands on the subsoil and affordable price for use after earthquakes, storms, floods in the event of conflict or as accommodation for refugees. Hospitals, commercial real estate and schools can also be set up quickly using PMF technology.


earthquake regions

The PMF houses are extremely earthquake-proof. The stable wooden frame in combination with low weight and the strong vibration damping by the foam makes the houses insensitive to earthquakes of all kinds. Even when overloaded by extreme quakes, the houses do not collapse, but protect their residents by preserving the necessary space for survival



Here, too, we can offer a wide variety at affordable prices, simple structure and beautiful design. Despite the modular design, there are hardly any limits to the individual design. The low demands on the building ground enable construction even on soft or uneven ground. Since our houses do not need a heavy foundation, the load is very low even for sensitive environments.


Staff accommodation

Thanks to the standardized construction and the low material requirements, we can quickly build many similar or similar houses and the associated community facilities in one place. They are characterized by low energy consumption, low operating costs and high comfort.


Climatic extremes

Good insulation, high stability and high weather resistance enable use in very different climatic regions. The houses resist storms of the highest wind class in Germany. The materials used are insensitive to heat and cold, the surface protects against moisture and insects and the good insulation allows energy-saving heating and cooling. Due to their low weight, the houses are suitable for permafrost and flood areas. We are planning a reinforced series that will withstand storms of hurricanes.